Dreaming Highways

Today I was going to write about Sunday’s and Monday’s happenings but I GOT LOCKED OUT OF LA MAMA SO I DID NOT GET TO WATCH ANY PERFORMANCES.

Sunday’s ‘Dreaming Highways’ was good, however. I didn’t know what to expect; I didn’t even know where Albert Park tram stop was, but I found it and I found the poetry, and it was an intimate gathering that had gathered amongst the train/tram paraphernalia to listen to travel-themed poetry. The event was organised to showcase the Melbourne Cafe Poets for National Poetry Week. (Melbourne Cafe Poets write poetry in cafes in exchange for free coffee. For more on Melbourne Cafe Poets, check out the Australian Poetry Centre’s updates or fan ‘Cafe Poets’ on Facebook.) There were some energetic performances but my favourite poems were from Laura Smith. I have never been to India or eaten a mangosteen but I have had my share of rural towns and sullen check-out chicks, so her words resonated most with me.

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