You will submit to Peril’s ‘Why are people so unkind?’

Online Asian Australian culture magazine Peril is open for submissions again. Issue Eight’s theme is ‘Why are people so unkind?’

“Why Are People So Unkind?” has become a famous, perhaps notorious, Australian catchphrase. It’s attributed to our kaftan king and iconic Australian performer, Kamahl. Among other things, this issue of Peril challenges you to think about the ways in which cultural icons are created and maintained – what and who ARE our Australian icons these days? (Asian Australian Studies Research Network, 10 June 2009)

Issue Eight will be funded by the Australia Council, so Peril will be able to pay contributors. It publishes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, academic work, art, as well as blog-like articles containing links and embedded media (i.e. YouTube clips); it’s pretty flexible really, as long as submissions fits in with the style of the magazine.

Here’s a sample plate of what others have prepared earlier:

Photo courtesy of Kimi

Photo courtesy of Kimi

Submissions for Issue Eight close 30 September 2009.

One last note: Peril does not exclusively publish Asian Australian authors and artists, so don’t let its Asianness stop you. Sitting on something appropriately themed? Submit it stat!


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