Word Juggling @ the State Library

Word Juggling happened last Thursday night at the State Library, and featured performances from Mihirangi, Myron Lysenko, Josephine Rowe, Si, Miss EZB, and Tjimba and the Yung Warriors.

Josephine Rowe drifted through ‘Red Lights’ with her trademark savouring of words. Later on in conversation with Steve Grimwade, she revealed that she had to memorise her work because her hands shook when she tried reading anything off the page.

Word Juggling 1

Steve Grimwade in conversation with Josephine Rowe and Myron Lysenko (4/6/09)

Going down swinging cofounder Myron Lysenko was much more boisterous in his performance and interview. He spoke about how he evolved into a professional poet, and it was interesting to learn that he used language-based strategies to produce his work as was evident in his poems ‘Rehab’, which plays with simile, and ‘Combine’, an absurd rhyming exercise.

Word Juggling 2

Si’s energy seemed at odds with the sedate opulence surrounding him, Miss EZB messed around with Aussie sports celebrities and colloquialisms, while Tjimba and the Yung Warriors (above) performed their song ‘Warrior for life’. (4/6/09)

Mihirangi was my highlight for the evening however. A Maori solo artist, Mihirangi creates, synchronises, and juggles her loops with the help of a loop pedal. Performing ‘No War’ live at Word Juggling, she produced what seemed like a flawless multilayered track. Since I never learnt how to keep time or coordinate a drum kit, I am still unable to accept that she did this in one go in front of a room full of people. Amazing.

Below: ‘No War’ YouTube clip


The bf was wilting by eight o’ clock, so we headed down to Chinatown for some dumplings. He had the chilli oil vegetarian. I had the chicken and prawn, steamed. He asked me why there was a giant red tassel on the wall of the restaurant. While watching him smother extra spoonfuls of chilli over his dumplings, I tried to explain why red was a lucky colour, but failed inarticulately.