What’s going on?

I’m not writing. I’m not thinking about writing. I spend most of my spare time. thinking about domestic things like tomatoes and the mould colony on my bathroom ceiling. I haven’t been to a book/magazine launch since The Lifted Brow (though I did try to go to the Griffith Review but got waylaid by the Eastern Freeway/Carpark…oops). What’s going on?

A few years ago, when I was studying writing at Deakin University, I spent a dysfunctional amount of time learning salsa. I went dancing three or four times a week. It was fun for a while and then I started to enjoy it less and less. The dancing wasn’t so much of the issue, but I hated the random men who would try to chat me up, instead of concentrating on the salsa.

In some ways, writing is turning into the salsa. That high that I get from creating something new is getting harder and harder to chase as I get more and more bogged down with social writerly niceties and this crippling conscience that dictates that I should be doing the right thing but not necessarily the write thing.

Therefore, I think it’s time to stop. Not necessarily writing, but the other stuff: launches, journals, blogging, socialising. My partner says I should start keeping a diary and write about what I know for a while. It’s sounds like such a decadent and self-involved practice, but I think I need to gorge on cake for a while.

I will still keep this blog, but you might not see a post for a month, maybe two months, maybe a year. The idea is to make it fun. Angela Meyer once said that people should blog only if they want to. And so I shall.

3 thoughts on “What’s going on?

  1. I have this guilt rule that if I haven’t been writing, I’m not allowed to go to things about writing. That’s why I’ve gone to bog-all this year – I’ve been so damned busy with the DipEd (a qualification that’s impossible to half-arse), with three jobs and a side serving of PAN editing and RHUM reviews that I’m lucky to write something new each month. And if I’m not writing, then spending time with actual, productive writers makes me feel ill.

    If it feels right to pull the pin for a while, then put down the keyboard and lanyards and back away slowly. You’ll be better for it. Catch up soon, hopefully, for some Death of Hive gala event?

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