Another magazine to add to my pile

The Griffith Review’s annual fiction issue is out today, sporting a cover illustration done by Poh Ling Yeow from Masterchef and Poh’s Kitchen. I currently have an aspirational crush on Poh; she cooks like a good Asian daughter-in-law*. Anyway, the Readings launch is today, so I’ll be heading down to Carlton for my copy.

*Questions: did anyone see the 20/10/10 episode with Andre Ursini? Are Poh and Ursini usually that flirty?

2 thoughts on “Another magazine to add to my pile

  1. I’d seen that striking cover before. Didn’t realise it was done by Poh though! Wow. She’s great, hey? Her success is possibly the best thing to come out of the Masterchef hooha.

    Also, I saw that they were bundling the previous Griffith Review fiction edition with the new one at Readings. Bargain! Would be keen to get along tonight, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it.

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