Voiceworks Parlour Games

This is a quick post before I head up to Mt Buller.

A week or two ago, the shy, awkward kids from Voiceworks invited strangers into their new home, the Wheeler Centre, for readings and parlour games. No cake or tea, but plenty of publications on sale and youngsters tumbling up the stage to either a) fill up the hall with their confidence or b) flutter with  nerves. In some ways, I am glad that I am no longer ‘under twenty-five’. It seems like such a painful state to be in.

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Pictures in order:

  1. Reading by Holly Voight from ‘Birthmark’
  2. Boggle with Johannes Jakob. I’ve never played Boggle before, and I’m not very good at word/number puzzles in general, but it was a lot of fun and what I’d imagine Bingo would be like. Boggle + Bingo = Bingle?
  3. Reading by Christopher O’Neill from ‘Birthmark’.
  4. EdComm Radio Play. Left to Right: Duncan Felton (special effects), Adolfo Aranjuez, Rafael S. Ward, Rosanna Stevens and Sam Rutter.
  5. Reading by Daniel Hogan from ‘Birthmark’.

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