David Eddings

Blogging’s been a struggle lately. I’ve had to balance work and writing commitments with David Eddings. Yup, you’ve heard right. For nostalgic kicks, I’ve been reading Pawn of Prophecy. You play your first generation video game consoles; I dip into books that I discovered in 1995.

Reading Eddings is like speed-reading Tolkien. There’s a quest minus descriptive backstory and singing dwarfs. There’s also a whole bunch of racial stereotyping: Chereks equal brutish warriors, Drasnians live off intrigue, Tolnedrians love money, and Angaraks are terrorists. But one can overlook this, thanks to the peppering of snide comments throughout the book. Never mind that most of the goodies make the same sounding snide comments.

Gee, I can’t wait until I get my hands on Queen of Sorcery again, which ‘will reveal Garion’s own dangerous powers of sorcery and more on his heritage, which underlies their quest’. And I’m sure there’s some snake woman in it somewhere…

For a much more helpful review on Mr Eddings, try 3000 Books.


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