MWF Multiple Choice Quiz

Are you a Wannabe Writer? Or are you Too Cool for School? Maybe a Festival Virgin? Take Thuy Linh’s quiz to find out your MWF* punter personality**.

1) Other than the Melbourne Writers Festival, you like hanging out in the city because of its

a) literary events at the Wheeler Centre

b) high-end shopping

c) graffiti hotspots and laneway bars

d) free breakfast bar samples that they give out at Melbourne Central Station

e) City Circle Tram

2) When you picked up your copy of the Melbourne Writers Festival 2010 Program, the first page you flipped to was

a) page 25 – Workshops

b)  page 13 – Food and Wine

c) page 8 – Music and Performance

d) page 6 – Free at the Festival

e) page 3 – Welcome

3) On page 5, you find out that Joss Whedon is coming to MWF, so you

a) wonder if he will have any writerly advice to impart.

b) buy tickets and book a dinner at Flower Drum before the event.

c) smirk because you heard about Joss via Twitter like an ice age ago!

d) put your beloved Macquarie on eBay. You love your Macquarie, but you love Joss Whedon more.

e) turn up at the wrong event.

4) On page 12 of the program, you notice that Peter Temple has won the Miles Franklin for his novel Truth. The first thing that pops into you head is:

a) ‘Where’s my pen? I’m inspired.’

b) ‘I should buy that from Readings. Or an iPad. Or maybe an eBook version of Truth and an iPad.’

c) ‘Pfft. Awards are for lemmings.’

d) ‘I hope my library stocks that.’

e) ‘Is Peter Temple a Masterchef contestant?’

5) You’re attending/not attending the pre-MWF-festival event with Bret Easton Ellis because

a) his books are some of the finest examples of postmodern literature

b) it only costs $20

c) he’s a rockstar

d) it costs $20

e) you didn’t realise it would sell out until it sold out


If you’ve answered mainly

  • As, then you’re a Wannabe Writer. The Wannabe Writer attends writing workshops and correcting other people’s spelling and/or grammar. In fact, you’re correcting my grammar right now.
  • Bs, then you’re a Cash Cow. All the other personality types will be trying to milk you for the entirety of the festival.
  • Cs, then you’re Too Cool for School and own that Threadless Tee, ‘I Listen to Bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet’. <insert cool exclamation here>
  • Ds, then you’re a Centrelink Bum. You have three bucks in your bank account to last you until next Thursday, making you fully appreciate the free things in life.
  • Es, then you’re a Festival Virgin. (Awww. We were all virgins once.)

*If you’re wondering what MWF stands for, congratulations. You’re Personality Type E, Festival Virgin.

**No stereotypes were harmed in the making of this post.


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