Slowly getting back to work

Being antisocial pays off occasionally. I actually wrote something. Now whenever someone asks me, ‘So what have you been working on?’ I’ll be able to reply, ‘A second-generation Vietnamese Australian’s observations on the gentrification of Footscray.’

I’ve also read the latest Charlaine Harris book, rewatched most of season two of True Blood and the iView documentary on Krakatoa. Yep, I’ve been super-productive, yes I have.

But I really should get back to work. I’ll be meeting with Laura Smith later this week to see if she’ll review something for me. I always feel bad about not paying enough attention to poetry in my journal reviews, but I feel underqualified when it comes to critiquing poetry. Hopefully Laura will be more attentive towards the poetry side of things.

I’ll also try to get onto that Ampersand review. Issue 2 has been been sitting on my shelf, looking forlorn from its continual rejection, when it really shouldn’t because it’s such a handsome-looking journal.

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