Just watching some docos…

EWF has made me realise that I should be blogging/gallivanting less and writing more, so I’ve been staying away from my blog these last few days.

Unfortunately, decrease blogging does not equal increased non-blog writing; I have wasted a lot of time on ABC iView, watching documentaries on Jane Austen and the Brontes.

According to In Search of the Brontes (2003), Wuthering Heights only took Emily Bronte two months to write. Ergh. It takes me two months to write a two-thousand-word story. Hang on, have I ever written a two-thousand-word story…?

I’ll be back at the usual some time next week, after I’ve caught up on some more docos. In the meantime, the Harvest team will be launching their fifth issue this Friday. Come out and join them/me.


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