Real Review in Killings

Some of you have enjoyed my mock review of Kill Your Darlings. Some of you are also probably wondering if I can actually write a serious review. I wonder too sometimes, especially since I haven’t reviewed anything since said mock review. But I can critique if I put my mind to it and I can prove it too. Estelle Tang asked me to write a review for Kill Your Darlings’ Killings blog, so I wrote one for Narrelle M. Harris’ The Opposite of Life. Check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Real Review in Killings

  1. TLN, you demented darling of the elegant pen!: Just read and relished your micro-fiction showcased in the latest issue of Black Rider’s “The Diamond & the Thief” only minutes ago, and it’s reverberating for me exactly & unequivocally for two disparate purposes. One, it’s like a ghost story, in the most honest sense of the phrase (cf.: David Mitchell’s heart-staggering & epic “Ghostwritten” on the urbanity and senselessness of modern ghost stories), wherein its central protagonists — flesh and blood people, with their own emotional torment and accumulated suburban disappointments — are the wraiths, playing at demystifying the horrors of an opaque life, through the channel of a fading romance.

    And two, it reminds me exactly of the themes & timbre of the award-winning short-story, “The Carpenter Who Looked Like A Boxer” by Australian laureate, John Murray. (It’s basically about a haunted house, but the haunting is simulated by memories of a lost wife, and the narrative’s broken husband character slowly succumbs to a kind of madness and the sounds of her departing footfalls as they echo in the walls.) Basically, I’m exhorting all this writerly momentum to tell you I loved this piece, TLN, and to insist that your words are certainly worth a damn. Yessir.

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