NYWF 2010 Wishlist

Dear TINA,

For this year’s NYWF, I would like a spelling bee with words in it like phenolphthalein, scissile, dhoop, and bivouac.

I would also like free wifi at Festival Club. Internet cafes are expensive in Newcastle; some of us bloggers can’t afford to blog every day while we’re at TINA.

An electronic graffiti installation would be neat too. NYWF punters can scrawl words and diagrams onto tablet PCs and have it projected onto a wall. It would be just like Perth’s Street Art project. Or, if electronic graffiti is a no go, at least can we have a tweet screen similar to Eat Drink Blog 2010’s?

Finally, I would like a ‘Money is not a dirty word’ panel with Lisa Dempster, Tom Cho, and Chris Flynn discussing money, an important but often neglected part of independent publishing and early writing careers. Lisa would talk about freelancing and making money via web publishing (as per her articles in The Reader and Unwakeable), Tom would talk about the grant application process, and Chris would talk about his experience running various journals. It’s something I haven’t seen before, and TINA, if you make this happen, you’d make me so happy, and I’ll promise to be the most enthusiastic festival punter ever.

Yours Sincerely,

Thuy Linh


5 thoughts on “NYWF 2010 Wishlist

  1. Perhaps your panel would be especially useful to me because I still don’t see how you make a living out of writing. I mean actual writing–> not teaching or administrating. Because the grants system is great for getting some time off to finish a novel but you can’t live from grants year to year. As far as I know Chris Flynn doesn’t pay any of his writers because he’s not really making a living from Torpedo either. Lisa has said that the average wage for a writer is about 11 K a year, though that actually sounds rich to me. I hope I’m not sounding cynical, though that’s the threat whenever we talk about the harsh realities of our business. Maybe they should also have a panel called Writing as a Religious Calling, where they can talk about the ways in which we do all of this simply because we sincerely love being a part of literature. Gratis.

    • I know. It’s sad isn’t it? That we can’t make a living out of what we love? But I think it’s unfair that we’re forced into seeing writing as a hobby or a passion (i.e. something we do for free). At least, we shouldn’t be losing money from writing/publishing like many have in the past. More people breaking even or making a little bit of money (so that they don’t have to work full-time at their ‘real’ job) would be something I’d like to work towards. Also, I think people need to be realistic, and have an understanding that they’re not usually going to make squillions from their novel/literary magazine/freelancing (especially not in Australia).

  2. yes. i would attend such a panel. & i would utilise such wifi.

    my hotel didn’t even have wifi in 09. & it was an actual, university-funded, hotel.

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