I want to ride my bicycle

I finally got my bike back from the old man who fixes bikes down the road. It’s been three months or more since I last saw it, and more than three months since I last rode it. I nearly cried as I clambered over the skeletons of less fortunate bikes: it had been so long and over the phone, it sounded like he wasn’t sure what had happened to it exactly, and ‘no, it hasn’t been fixed, yet’. I should have harrassed him to fix it earlier but he looked like an old man who might visit my pharmacy, and I hate conflict; I just couldn’t bring myself to throw a long overdue ‘I want my bike back’ tanty, after having been on the receiving end of many a ‘I want this medicine without a script, and I want it now’ tanty.

But the bike is back, and it’s time to celebrate with some Queen:

Anyway, Storytelling is on again tonight at Dog’s Bar in St Kilda. I went along to last week’s gig and was surprised by the small turnout. It seems that not many people know of it. Well, I’m telling you about it now: this week’s tales will be provided to you by Lisa Dempster, EWF director and blogger extraordinaire, and Kalinda Ashton, The Danger Game novellist and associate editor of Overland. The stories start at 8pm and there will be a couple of open mic spots for anyone who wants to sit on stage in the comfy leather airchair.

2 thoughts on “I want to ride my bicycle

  1. That’s not the old guy on Burwood Highway, is it? His shop is like a TARDIS that has visited an alternate dimension made of bicycles and ruptured spacetime in the process, causing a neverending stream of secondhand Schwinns and Malvern Stars to pour into our dimension.

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