Some thoughts on healing from the Sospeso Readings

Due to staffing issues, this month’s Sospeso had to relocate to the Town Hall Gallery and consequently things felt a little more formal. I didn’t read last Friday, but a couple of regulars did, and I wonder if they felt intimidated by the art on the walls, the rows of seats, and the prohibition of food.

Artwork by Andrea Kaltwasser @ the Town Hall Gallery.

Wagga’s David Gilbey recited poetry inspired by his sojourn in Japan. The pieces were mostly personal observations of a westerner, though ‘Proctor’, a poem about a Japanese examination room, managed to transcend its geographical and cultural boundaries.

Blurry photo of David Gilbey as he performs at Sospeso's 'Healing' Reading (5/2/10).

Following Gilbey were a series of healing-themed open mics. Lovemaking was likened to swimming, and men were praised by Catherine Bateson, and Initially No vented about psychosomatic guitar strings; Jennifer Compton instructed us on open mic etiquette; there was talk about connecting the dots, and mushroom clouds when one opens one’s mouth; and Fiona shared her personal experience with cancer.

Initially No talks about the guitar string in her foot (5/2/10).

Katherine Phelps makes a heart-shaped balloon for Sospeso's open mic (5/2/10).

Jennifer Compton knits while listening to some kick-arse open mic poetry (5/2/10).

Randall Stephens capped off the night with his collection of ‘Plan Be’ poems. Poetic in parts, Stephens’ monologue is conversational, narratively driven, and earnestly delivered. He’s a seasoned spoken word performer, comfortable onstage (unlike the rest of us). His first poem was my favourite with its nervous optimism towards new love, mirroring my own fluttery state of mind.

Randall Stephens speaks of new love at Sospeso (5/2/10).

Overall, it was a great turnout. Congrats to Laura for organising things at such short notice (and for making corny jokes about being wounded by Caffe Sospeso). Laura Smith, you should MC more often.

Meanwhile, thanks to Zoe Renee for her awesome teacup badge, and her Man in a Shark Suit. Nabbed them off her while I was at Sospeso/Camby Market. They’re the best.

Zoe Renee and Man in a Shark Suit (5/2/10).

Me and my new teacup badge. Thanks Zoe! (5/2/10)

8 thoughts on “Some thoughts on healing from the Sospeso Readings

  1. You know, I have a flyer for Sospeso on the wall above my desk and I’ve only just made the connection. I must have picked it up last time I was in Melbourne.

    Sounds like an interesting night! I’m sure the venue would have made a difference to those reading. Those big old formal buildings can be so intimidating!

    Love the teacup badge ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks.

      Yeah. It was an intimidating space compared with the Caffe Sospeso set up. Are you back in the country yet? You should drop by at a reading some time.

  2. Hi Thuy,

    Love the read,

    I was responsable for talking about connecting the dots, and mushroom clouds when one opens oneโ€™s mouth

    And Agreed – Randall was fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Awesome. I liked your poem immensely but couldn’t remember your name when I was writing my post on Monday. Should write things down more often. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thanks for your kind words. Glad I looked up there, truth is I have never felt so nervous, anxious and akward before a gig, but once I got up there you guys (the audience at large) were very generous and forgiving. I had a ball.

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