2010 Resolutions

It’s not Christmas yet, but I’ll be too merry to be blogging over the next couple of days, so this is a preemptive end-of-year post.

At the start of 2009, I promised myself that I would write more, read more, and get more involved in the literary community. I’m not sure if I’ve worked at resolutions #1 and #2 but I think I’ve put a fair lot of effort into #3 what with helping out on The Lifted Brow, checking out a bunch of festivals, and working on this blog.

2010 is almost upon us, and I still don’t know what I want from it, though blog-wise, I would like to do more ‘how to for literary journals’ and reportage of literary shenanigans (because I’ve been slacking off on write ups about those). I also want to read more of Chekhov, David Foster Wallace, Tobias Wolffe, and other great short story writers. And I want to tackle something a little out of my comfort vocab: creative non-fiction, technical writing, satire, collaborations, or maybe comics…

I’ve been enjoying reading other people’s round-ups for 2009 and their aspirations for 2010. Lisa Dempster had a competition for suggested 2010 resolutions, and Chris Flynn has posted a list of books he has read in 2009 and books he’s looking forward to in 2010. (Poor Chris, he’s just discovered that the unpronounceable name he’s been using to introduce me isn’t actually my real name.) And powerhouse blogger, Angela Meyer, has just posted up a playful sum-up of her crazy year as Miss Literary Minded. Whee. Still can’t get over the idea of her being blonde.

Anyhow. That’s it for 2009. I’ll be back some time in January. Until then, have a happy and safe end of arbitrary Western calendar year.

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