When blogging stops being fun and writing starts feeling like…work?

I’m nearing my 100th post. I started this blog little over a year ago, wanting to create a space where people could find out more about me and my work. At first, the posts were microscopic—two or three sentences stating the when and where of my latest published story. But then the posts began to lengthen and diversify. There was talk of writers festivals, lit journals, other writers, and the local literary scene. The posts cropped up more frequently, and I suffered PWS (Post Withdrawal Syndrome) if I didn’t throw up at least two posts per week. People started reading my blog; people started commenting/linking, and it was all Care Bears and fluffy bunnies. 

But recently, my timetable has had a hostile takeover by Real Work and The House Move, and I’m struggling to find time to write/plan a proper post or belt out a new short story. And it’s been such a long time since I’ve written something new that I’m starting to wonder if I still ‘have it’. 

I blame work. After high school, I studied full-time pharmacy, and then moved straight into full-time work once I graduated. I don’t think I wrote a single thing during those six years. (Okay, I did bash out some YA speculative fiction novellas, but they never moved beyond the first draft.) After eight hours of mind-numbing, dealing with other people’s BS, the last thing you want to do is do more work. Because that’s what writing is: work. And yet, writers rarely ever treat it as such. When people ask about your writing, how many times do you say, ‘Oh, I write for a hobby. I do it in my spare time…’? Dogdamnit. It’s not a hobby. It’s not therapeutic. It’s not even fun (more like ‘demanding, torturous, and sleep-depriving’, like one of those contrary Toorak ladies who demand antibiotics without a prescription for their urinary tract infection). Anyway, after coming to this conclusion after a hectic day at the pharmacy, I am muchly looking forward to getting back to the regular part-time shifts, and working with comma placements, modifiers, and metaphors once more. I’d much rather do unpaid work as a writer than sell veterinarians Viagra for a princely sum thank you very much. 


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