Blue and hot pink kimono

This is going to be a pimp post: I’m selling some stuff at this week’s Camberwell Sunday Market, so if you’re in the area, drop by for a meet and greet. There’ll be retro and vintage dresses, handbags, op shop bric brac, and a stack of Sookie Stackhouse (aka ‘True Blood’) vampire novels up for grabs. More importantly, I’ll be dolled up in an inappropriately short blue and hot pink kimono with black patent stilettos. And who said this wasn’t a pimp post?*


Gaijin me + kimono. Photo courtesy of S. Yong.

*Note: ‘Viet prostitution’ , ‘true prostitute stories in Vietnam’, ‘high quality erotic’, ‘hot Vietnamese women’, and ‘feminist mug’ (my personal fave) have been some of the terms people use to find my blog. Ha! Stats is the best widget-thing ever. 

2 thoughts on “Blue and hot pink kimono

  1. Beautiful kimono, but the way it is worn…
    Please wrap at least left over right, only dead people wear it the other way around.
    Oh, by the way, you’re beautiful, too (^-^)

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