Getting Friendly with Read You Bastards

In August, intrepid me decided to check out the inaugural Read You Bastards night at The Empress Hotel, and despite the lack of entourage, I got up on stage to read my one and only poem, ‘Red Den Beauty’. Fast forward a couple of months: I still only have one poem worth reading, but at least I won’t be reading to strangers. Ohmidog, I have friends who are word nerds and not doctors, pharmacists, or salsa dancers.

Yep, Lisa Dempster will be there, reading from her latest book, Neon Pilgrim, as well as Allison Browning and Anthony Noack (those cool Vis Ink kids from NYWF), and a dog and a cat and possibly a horse and some baked goods. I wish I wasn’t working but I am, so I will be late but hopefully I’ll be right to read. Time for some Patrick Bateman, perhaps?

Suit A has a theory about emergency departments after seeing his share of waiting rooms, those beige-coloured boxes filled with beige-coloured plastic chairs full of ‘medical emergencies’ who get up and jingle about on their two legs (or maybe a wheelchair)…

Who knows? Come see. Read You Bastards 3 happens this Thursday. Words start flying at 8pm.

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