The Diamond and The Thief

Here’s some freshly brewed writing for you: Black Rider Press has just launched its first issue of The Diamond and The Thief, a monthly minizine with just a thimbleful of poetry and surreal prose to wake you up on a Friday morning. This issue’s beans come from Graham Nunn, Robert Lort, Marcus Roloff, Kirk Marshall, and Eric Dando.

Here’s a taster from Eric Dando’s story ‘Tiny Little Pirates’:

He has made all these sailing ships out of matchsticks, hung them in the windows. He likes the look on my face. I tell him that I think his little boats are amazing and he glows and swells there for a moment on his brown Celtic linoleum. He is fingering the keys, swinging the little golden lion badge on its chain. ‘They really float.’ He says, ‘I’ve tested them. Down Wanambool, ever get down to Wanambool? Know a beaut little place down there. A beaut little place.’

The next issue shall feature my story about druggies, Toobs, and a grumpy-pants Beast; I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up.

2 thoughts on “The Diamond and The Thief

  1. Hey there Thuy Linh, was just conducting a late-evening investigative scroll online in relation to Jeremy’s newfound Black Rider Press, and stumbled onto this particular entry: Congrats on the forthcoming inclusion in the subsequent issue of “The Diamond & The Thief”!

    For & through nothing other than unabashed indie-publishing self-advocacy, I’ve observed that you’ve encoded Graham Nunn’s and Eric Yoshiaki Dando’s names with links to their respective websites. I was wondering, then, as to whether it’d be possible for you to kindly link my name to the personalised MySpace profile page for “Red Leaves”, my 2009 English-language / Japanese bi-lingual literary journal. It’d constitute an unequivocal nicety, and it’d potentially ferry some further future readers to that particular site, and its corresponding/sisterly Facebook page. I’d be much obliged!

    Also: I think you personally met my partner, Liberty Browne, who acted as freelance graphic designer for the entirety of the first four issues of “The Lifted Brow”? Just foresee it as fitting here, therefore, to profess how acutely microcosmic this Melbournetown emerging-writer scene is! I’ll be surefire to trawl through your up-to-date ‘blog on week-weary evenings!



    • Howdy Kirk,

      You’ve just won first prize for LONGEST BLOG COMMENT. 🙂

      I’ve linked your name to Red Leaves as requested. I’ve been meaning to submit, but I still haven’t written something sufficiently appropriate; I’ll get round to it eventually.

      Can’t say that I’ve met Liberty yet (or at least not in a Lifted Brow capacity), but I’ll probably meet you both at TINA…?

      Until then,


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