Support your literary journal, damnit!

[Untitled], Melbourne’s newest literary magazine, got launched today and I am currently eying off my copy of the petite first issue. Eighteen centimetres high, eleven centimetres wide, and of slim bearing, she’s a cutie. You should totally take her out on a date.

Or at least that’s what Kalinda Ashton’s touting. In her speech, Kalinda praised the quality of the stories in [Untitled] and she likened the small literary journal to a writerly stepping stone. There’s a lot of good stuff getting written but not necessarily getting published by older journals; Overland, for instance, might only publish five out of a hundred unsolicited stories. Small literary journals offer space for the rest, giving emerging writers a chance to develop their craft.  Their existence, however, does depend on subscriptions. So support your small literary journal. Splurge a little. Literary journals love guys and dolls with cash. To find out how you can purchase [Untitled], speak to Blaise at Busybird Publishing & Design.

Following Kalinda’s speech were readings from various contributors. I particularly liked Stu Hatton’s ‘hands/office’, his deadpan delivery matched the tone of his poem perfectly. Afterwards, I got to chat with some of the other contributors: Elizabeth Jane (librarian), George Ivanoff (YA novelist), Claire Varley (Melbourne Uni Arts graduate), and Sophie Moon (fellow blogger). Hopefully I’ll be seeing them around at other stuff. The Lifted Brow perchance? Who knows? 😉


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