You will submit to TLB7

Yep, it’s another Brow callout. You’d think that people would get sick of my Brow posts, but judging from the stats, maybe not. Nice to know that The Lifted Brow is getting lots of love on Google, or maybe people just want to check out that hot chick with the bia om T-shirt. Herm, back to Browing, submissions for Issue Seven are open until December 2009. For grant money purposes*, it’s going to be an all-Australian issue, and it’s going to be flogged like a <insert random word here>, so SUBMIT. Submission details are below:

The Lifted Brow is seeking submissions for an all-Australian issue until 1 December.

This issue, released in May 2010, will be subtitled The Lifted Brow Poor People Magazine. It will be printed as cheaply as possible, and hopefully sell for about $5. Disposable, rollable, this one will do well on bookshop counters; subscribers at the time will receive two copies, one already gift-wrapped. We want to get this into many grubby hands.

Why? Think about a publication like Kramers Ergot or Eyeshot – genuinely crazily cutting and fun; rough, great work from a bunch of people you don’t often hear from. Then try to remember the last time you picked up an Australian magazine that did that. You often can’t use the word “edgy” without wrecking it, but we’re putting together a collection of the that-word sort.

Hopefully half this issue will come from previously unpublished people. They exist: students are lazy about sending their stuff places, and Brow gigs are often full of good people who do art and writing in their spare time but don’t ever even consider publishing. All that said, we’re looking for previous Brow contributors too, and for good work from people who’ve had books out. And we never get enough artwork from anyone. Fiction, nonfiction, poems, incidental art, comics: the only dictum is “Australian and rad”. Or if you will, “Austradia”. The issue will not actually be called “Austradia”.

But hence the widest callout possible. Please do forward it, print it, or otherwise push it. We pay!

What is The Lifted Brow?

The Lifted Brow is a biannual attack journal from Brisbane and Melbourne. We debuted or have published early work by Australians like Michaela McGuire, Kes, Ben Law and Mel Stringer, alongside work by artists like Spiral Stairs, Heidi Julavits, The Lucksmiths, and Neil Gaiman. We publish many types of writing, art, and music, but have probably shown a preference for underground or experimental work.

Literary Minded says we publish “the cream of fresh Australian voices”. Rose Quartz says we’re “the best place to go if you want to get a head start on, oh, the next five years in indie rock”. HTMLGiant feels we’re “badass”. We try twice a year to print a big, chunky magazine with readers in mind and it works well; without making heaps of money, we remain an independent publication.

Our year-end issue is an atlas of the world, covering 246 countries and other places. It is guaranteed for a time to be the only world atlas that has David Heatley, Rick Moody, and Chip Kidd singing songs on it.

How to Submit

Email everything to with AUSTRADIA in the subject. We are always taking open submissions, but your work will be read with priority when it includes that header. We need to have received your work by 1 December 2009, and will respond by early January, probably earlier.

No more than three pieces per person. No word limits or minimums. Art and comics should look good in B+W and reduce to 210mm h x 142mm w – 300dpi, any format OK. Same with writing, but if you want to impress us, make it a Word doc, 12-point courier, double-spaced, numbered pages. Musicians: there won’t be a CD with this issue. We are not that bothered by the Australian idea: we don’t, say, have special all-Australian funding; if you are pretty much Australian, or even very like Australian, that is fine.

The Lifted Brow

*Disclaimer: grant money purposes might be a lie on my part. But who knows, maybe we’ll get very good at writing grant applications over the next six months. Maybe Tom Cho will write one for us. 🙂

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