Oopsie poopsie

Whoa. Today was my first viewing of my poem, ‘Red Den Beauty’, in print. Harvest has done a beautiful job pairing the words with artwork from Irana Douer. However, I’ve just realised that the printed version differs from my version. I had workshopped the poem with Josephine Rowe who later on offered to publish it in her journal, Harvest. I must have forgotten to give her the final ‘submission’ draft.

The two versions are pretty much the same except for lines seven and eight. The Harvest version reads:

Star of his favourite Nam Le exotic boat story

celluloid-bound, snared in silk, embroidered

whilst my final version reads:

Slavishly limmed in far-east finery

Star of his favourite Nam Le boat story.

Both versions allude to the same thing, but I thought the final version sounded stronger, offering a breather before launching into the next part of the poem.  

Oopsie poopsie. Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now…

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