Launchfest wind-up

It’s been a fun week with Harry PotterJosephine Rowe, and TLB5 with guest appearances from Chris Flynn, Sean M. Whelan, and others. 

My highlights included

  • seeing the Hogwort’s team at their finest;
  • hearing Chris Flynn’s piece, ‘Falcon Vs. Monkey (Falcon Wins)’, at Josephine’s launch; 
  • For those of you who don’t know who Chris Flynn is, he runs a small publishing company called Falcon Vs. Monkey (Falcon Wins). Apparently a lot of people ask him how the name came about, so he decided to write an origins story which featured pilgrims, bandits, falcons, and (naturally) monkeys.
  • listening to Thomas Benjamin Guerney’s epic rhyming sci-fi audio drama on the way to work; and
  • convincing a girl who had bought a stack of Voiceworks magazines to part with ten more dollars for some awesome Brow action.

Speaking of Brow action, I had better put up some photos of the July 17th launch while I still have reliable internet. Hopefully, this week will be equally thrilling (and internet friendly).


4 thoughts on “Launchfest wind-up

  1. Really sorry to have missed it. Will definitely be grabbing a copy though – the story on the milk industry pronography alone makes it worth it!

  2. Yes, you would definitely see it that way as a vegan! I’m not though, so I just see the absurdity in ‘cheese porn’. Lobster telephone anyone? I guess dating a vegan has not made me a vegan (yet).

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