Harmony walk

Today’s Harmony Walk in the Melbourne CBD: genuine or government gimmick?

6 thoughts on “Harmony walk

  1. Harmony Walk, an event celebrating cultural diversity and unity, is a great idea.

    What’s sad is that we (Melbournians and the Victorian Government) needed a kick in the butt (increasing racial violence, protests, media frenzy, and fear of a declining number of international students) before making it happen.

    I cannot help but feel cynical about the whole thing. It feels too staged, and I am sure media sharks are reporting it in the same way.

    • It did feel staged, and let’s not forget that Brumby wouldn’t let the Indian student groups make any speeches even though the event was a response to the media surrounding them.

      • Yeah. The march itself wasn’t too bad. There was this Vietnamese lady who had put in a lot of effort. For the march, she had sewn this yellow and green ao dai and painted an emu and a kangaroo on it. But as soon as the politicos started making speeches at Fed Square, most of the marchers dispersed.

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