Bia Om Submissions

Just a quick update: The Lifted Brow is still accepting atlas-themed submissions for Issue Six, which will be published end of this year. As I can’t submit anything myself (damn), I’m looking for some Viet-lovin’, so please, please, please write about bia/karaoke om bars* and what not**. International contributors welcome!

Back to you Charlie.

'Charlie' looking hot in her bia om tee from 'Het Xay - awesome Vietnamese American apparel' (Photo courtesy of Het Xay)

*Note: ‘In Vietnam, bia om (literally ‘beer hug’) restaurants are places where men are entertained by scantily-clad women. They are more well-known for prostitution than fine dining.’ (Chao-Vietnam, 8/12/2008)

**Disclaimer: writing about bia/karaoke om bars does not guarantee you a spot in TLB6. Good writing, however, does.


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