You will submit to The Lifted Brow

The submission deadline for Issue 6 of The Lifted Brow is nearly upon us, so here’s a repeat of the callout for all you hamsters out there:

TLB6 is an atlas of the world, newly observed by lots of bands, writers, and artists that you like. Participation is easy:

1. Pick a country.

2. Send us fiction or nonfiction, a song, or a comic based on that country. The relationship of your piece to the country you pick can be as real, fake, or loose as you want.

Writing should be under 1,200 words. No length restrictions for songs or comics. Artists, we print in black and white, and artwork should reduce to A5 (148 x 210mm).

If you want to do something other than prose, music, or comics, try us. The dictum here is “If in doubt, just do it.” Your piece doesn’t have to be called the same thing as the country; in brackets afterward is cool.

The deadline is 1 July.

If you want to send us unthemed submissions, you can, but we won’t write back for months and months. We only do one themed issue and one unthemed per year, so unless you are a very patient person, please submit simultaneously to other magazines.

For those of you not in the know, The Lifted Brow is

…a quirky journal and CD combo that began in Brisbane and has since migrated to Melbourne with its editor Ronnie Scott…The journal aims to publish stuff that usually wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else: quality genre fiction, eighty-minute-long epic poems, etc. It also experiments with layout: in TLB4, the contents section starts on page 24 which…is completely intentional. (‘Super power’, 3 May 2009)

I asked what Ronnie Scott had to say about submissions but he evaded all my questions—including ‘What name would you give your pet monkey (if you had one)?’—to offer the following piece of advice:

The main point is that the details are intentionally really open. This is a big, crazy project, with more than 200 contributors expected, so there’s room for all kinds of stuff. The best rule is “do your best. Then send us your best”. Unhelpful? Uh huh! Inevitable? Yup.

Grr. Definitely (deliberately?) unhelpful, Ronnie. In regards to submissions, the best thing I can recommend is brushing up on your TLBs. Scope out the scene. See if your stripes blend in with our jungle.

Speaking of  TLBs, TLB5 is launching on Friday 17 July 2009, so RSVP on the Book of Faces and maybe I’ll see you there. Yayness.

TLB5: launching near you!

TLB5: launching near you!


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