You will submit to Stop Drop and Roll

Well, it’s official. Stop Drop and Roll is extending its submission deadline for Issue Two:

Submissions will now be accepted until 30 September 2009.

This time period is just a little longer than it would take a wolf to gestate two litters back to back. Don’t be shown up by the animal kingdom; if you have any idea embryos lying around, we suggest you implant them now and get incubating.

Writers head to the website to peruse Writing submission guidelines, while all you tricky cats in the “other disciplines” pen can find your way to the Visual Art/Film/Design/Music guidelines situated very close by. We’re told you guys think laterally anyway.

For those of you who have not seen the journal, Stop Drop and Roll is a new Melbourne-based literary journal that’s small in length but punchy in content and design. (And yes, I am still salivating over the front cover of Issue One.)

Its editors, Sean Wilson and Liz Seymour, are looking for ‘new material that is bold, intriguing, intelligent, colourful, passionate and many other words besides’ (The Pitch), which frighteningly sounds like a menagerie full of exotic critters. However, Wilson and Seymour did appear at the Emerging Writers’ Festival to speak about what they were after. They want their journal to be a forum for discussion between writers (both emerging and established) and readers and are open to all topics so long as the pieces are intriguing and intelligent with ‘palpable energy of thought’.

Interested in reading/submitting? Become a Facebook fan, read about Issue One – Crash Course (see below), or check out Stop Drop and Roll’s submission guidelines. For more general tips on submitting of the writerly (i.e. asexual) kind, check out Chris Flynn’s dos and don’ts from one of my older posts here.



Issue One - Crash Course (courtesy of Stop Drop and Roll)

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