The deadlines for the following journals are coming up soon:

1) Stop Drop and Roll (31 May 2009): Stop Drop and Roll is a brand spanking new Melbourne journal run by Sean Wilson (of Cottonmouth-ness) and Liz Seymour. It’s a very slim journal where non-fiction (commentary, profiles, reviews) are allocated the same or more amount of pages as fiction and poetry. It’s also beautifully designed; it even has embossing (who has that kind of money?)

2) Going Down Swinging (31 May 2009): Going Down Swinging has been around since Kevin Brophy.

3) Verandah 24 (1 June 2009): Verandah has also been around probably for as long as Kevin Brophy. Put together by a different set of Deakin University writing students each year, it’s hard to predict what kind of stuff we’ll get each issue. I suppose you could stalk them on Facebook to find out.

4) Offset (12 June 2009): Offset is Victoria University’s literary journal.

5) Page Seventeen (30 June 2009): According to SnUfft (7 April 2009), this year’s Page Seventeen has a ‘great line-up for the editorial committee’.

So what are you waiting for? SUBMIT.

Collecting rejection letters is fun! If you’re not in it for the rejection letters, then why are you a writer?


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