Super power

In March, I went to an interview for a poetry internship. After I had settled in my seat, my two smiling interviewers asked me whether I wanted some tea and whether someone had helped me put together my application.

I was affronted. Didn’t I look like the type of person who could write their own resume?

They had to placate me with soothing words: Your cover letter and resume is the best we’ve seen so far. You’re sure you don’t want that tea?

I was half flattered, half skeptical. You’d think that writerly types can bung together a decent written application. Meh. I’ll take the compliment dangled in front of me and eat it.

A poetry internship was too hardcore for me, however, and I chickened out pretty much after the interview. But my application-writing super powers enabled me to score an internship with The Lifted Brow. What is The Lifted Brow exactly has taken me a couple of months to figure out. TLB’s a quirky journal and CD combo that began in Brisbane and has since migrated to Melbourne with its editor Ronnie Scott. It has been around for a couple of years now but it has only been recently available at Borders and Readings. The journal aims to publish stuff that usually wouldn’t be accepted anywhere else: quality genre fiction, eighty-minute-long epic poems, etc. It also experiments with layout: in TLB4, the contents section starts on page 24 which, according to Ronnie, is completely intentional.

Anyway, I’m helping with TLB5’s delivery which will hopefully be painless and punctual (i.e. June/July). TLB6 (‘Atlas’) is also gestating and expected in December 2009. If you want to be in the operating theatre when it all happens, you have until 1 July 2009 to send in a themed submission. For guidelines, click here. No poorly written resumes please.


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