The peril of passing and failing

Edited by Hoa Pham (author of Vixen), Peril is an online journal which focuses on Asian Australian arts and culture. Its latest endeavour, Issue Six, explores ‘passing, failing’, an experience that many people can relate to. 

‘Perfumed lotuses, dirt and daffodils’ is my interpretation of ‘passing, failing’: the struggle to reconcile cultural expectations with the need to be true to oneself. It forms part of Issue Six’s collection of fiction, interviews, articles, and poetry. To read ‘Perfumed lotuses, dirt and daffodils’, click here.


2 thoughts on “The peril of passing and failing

  1. Hi there, may I use the picture of the flower as a little corner picture in a poster advertising a meditation session? Thank you, colm

    • It’s not my photo but it’s under commons licence, so anyone can use it as long as they acknowledge the original source. If you hover your mouse over the photo, you can find out where it comes from.

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